Ercros has participated today in the big multi-emergency drill


The Ercros factory in Almussafes has been one of the scenarios of the Great industrial multi-emergency drill 2022, in which more than 250 have intervened, and took place today in the Valencian Community, organized by the Valencian Agency for Security and Emergency Response (Avsre).

In the Ercros factory, three emergency situations have arisen, which have been the first to take place within the framework of the Great emergency drill; two of them, a radiological contamination and the collapse of a building, are not real risks of our activity but Avsre has seen appropriate to include them in order to exercise its staff and Ercros has had no problem in lending space for it in its site.

The third case is about a methanol spill during the unloading of a truck tank and a fire therefore; such case is contemplated in the prevention plans of the factory. Methanol is a raw material that is used in Almussafes in the manufacture of formaldehyde and which, in turn, is used to produce paraformaldehyde and a wide range of state-of-the-art resins: sustainable resins, the ErcrosGreen+ range, and technical resins, the ErcrosTech range.

Both the Almussafes factory and the rest of the Ercros facilities have implemented the risk prevention system according to the international standard ISO 45001; and periodically a functional analysis of the facilities operation is reviewed, according to the method Hazard and operability study, known by Hazop, in which all potential risk situations are contemplated.

Our facilities also have preventive maintenance plans and emergency procedures, and we conduct regular emergency drills. Specifically in Almussafes, five drills have been carried out in 2022.

The Almussafes factory directly employs 110 people and in 2021 invoiced more than 100 million euros.