Ercros meets with the IES de l’Ebre of Tortosa for the Dual Vocational Training


Ercros participated yesterday, December 14, in a meeting on Dual Vocational Training organized by the Ebre secondary school in Tortosa.

The meeting addressed issues of interest to the company and the teaching centre, such as student internships at the Ercros factory, school visits, professional accreditation of workers without a degree or the possibility of offering retraining to the institute's teaching staff at the Ercros facilities.

Joan Carles Galiana, head of industrial relations at the Ercros factory in Tortosa, has represented the company. On the part of the institute, the head of studies and several professors of the higher degree of laboratory and of the medium degree of electromechanics have participated, two degrees of high interest for the Tortosa factory.