Ercros participates in an Adecco panel on talent and competitiveness

Ercros participates in an Adecco round table on talent and competitiveness
Mario Lorenzo, responsible of human resources at Ercros CIT, participating in the round table

The responsible of human resources at Ercros' Tarragona industrial complex (CIT), Mario Lorenzo, took part in the round table on talent and competitiveness, organised by Adecco, which was held today in Tarragona.

During the event, Lorenzo shared Ercros' strategy and approach to address the challenges related to attracting and retaining talent in the business environment. He stressed the importance of keeping the corporate culture aligned with society and of signing up to collaboration programmes with educational institutions.

He also referred to the measures taken to promote a favourable working environment, such as personalised training and internal promotion and communication. He also mentioned the strength of employment at Ercros, which is reflected in a low staff turnover rate. Lorenzo mentioned the pillars of human resources management, which are: economic stability, competitive salaries, and human and close treatment.

Regarding generational coexistence, Lorenzo highlighted Ercros' adaptation to change and the valuation of heterogeneous teams as an opportunity for progress, as well as the key role of middle management in team management and in the communication of strategic decisions.

Ercros' participation in this round table reinforces its commitment to talent, competitiveness, and development.