Ercros participates in a conference on the rational use of antibiotics

Rational use of antibiotics day
María Luisa Díez Escanciano, second from the right, accompanied by other speakers of the day

María Luisa Díez Escanciano, head of R&D of the pharmaceuticals division of Ercros, participated in the Conference on the rational use of antibiotics with the presentation “Antibiotic production, a long road to commercialization”.

At this conference, organized by the Tajo University Hospital, the perspectives of the National Plan against antibiotic resistance, which seeks to rationalize the use of these medications, were discussed. The Plan was launched in 2014 by the Spanish government, together with scientific societies, collegiate organizations, professional associations and universities.

In addition to María Luisa Díez, specialists in the use of antibiotics participated in the conference, such as the heads of the pharmaceutical and paediatric services of the Hospital del Tajo, and the head of the microbiological laboratory service of the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, who gave presentations on the final destination of antibiotics, bacterial resistance or the environmental footprint.

Ercros produces generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), mainly in the field of antibiotics, in its Aranjuez factory, a production centre that will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2024.