Ercros participates in a round table on the chemical sector


The director of the Ercros industrial complex in Tarragona, Joan Miquel Capdevila, participated on April 11 in a round table on the chemical sector, the main economic engine of the Camp de Tarragona. The table was organized by the publication "Indicador de Economía" and in collaboration with the AEQT (the chemical business association of Tarragona).

Representatives of the main companies in the sector in Tarragona participated in the meeting -among them Ercros- and in which the good health that the sector currently enjoys was analyzed, marked by a dynamic of sustained growth, but with historical issues pending to be resolved , among others, that of energy costs that reduce the competitiveness of Spanish companies compared to European competitors.

Joan Miquel Capdevila explained that the variation in the price of energy has a very significant impact for Ercros, since electricity comes to represent more than 50% of the manufacturing cost of some products.