Ercros, present at the visit of the Eurobachelor International Quality Seal

Ercros, presente en la visita del Sello Internacional de Calidad Eurobachelor en la Facultad de Química de Valencia
From left to right, representatives of Torrecid, Champinter, Official College of Chemistry of the Valencian Community, Ministry of Health and Public Health, Gamaser, Ercros, Pinturas Monto, Quimeltia. Below, Ercros, RBN Cosmetics

Ercros was present, as a collaborating company, at the visit that the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Valencia received from the panel that evaluates the degree in Chemistry to obtain the international Eurobachelor quality seal. During the visit, members of the international accreditation panel interviewed different groups involved in the degrees: students, teaching staff, management team, self-evaluation committee, graduates and employers.

The members of the panel have also made a tour of the facilities of the Faculty of Chemistry in order to assess the equipment and quality of the spaces dedicated to teaching.

This international seal is a certificate that is granted to universities that provide a degree in Chemistry according to defined standards, in accordance with the principles of quality, relevance, transparency, recognition and mobility contemplated in the European Higher Education Area ( EEHS). It is awarded by the National Quality and Accreditation Agency (Aneca), as an authorized agency.

Aneca is the national higher education quality assessment body in charge of carrying out assessment, certification and accreditation activities of the Spanish university system with the aim of its continuous improvement and adaptation to the EEAS.