Ercros, speaker at conferences on climate change and energy transition


Ercros' general business manager, Agustín Franco, participated in the conference "Climate change and energy transition. Decarbonisation of the industry" organized by the Uría Menéndez law firm last Friday, December 13.

Agustín Franco recalled that, currently, combustion and manufacturing processes in industry are responsible for only 19% of greenhouse gas emissions ("GHGs"); and assured that the innate modernization of the industry, the innovation funds or the CO2 price are insufficient to lower the GHG emissions to the targets set by the European administration and that the only possible way is to turn the battle against climate crisis into a business opportunity.

This goal can be achieved, according to Agustín Franco, with aid to industry that promotes the search for innovative alternatives that transform production systems and the use of climate-neutral materials, while contributing to an industrial transition fair that avoids the relocation of production and jobs to other regions with less strict environmental policies.

Among other aids, he mentioned the implementation of environmental taxation and financing policies, the recognition of the environmental efforts of companies in public purchases and, if necessary, the ban on the sale of those products in the European Union which incorporate materials produced in carbon-intensive industrial processes.