Ercros sponsors the Experimenta Challenge, an initiative to awaken scientific vocations

The Ercros factory in Tortosa has joined the Experimenta Challenge, an initiative led by the Rovira i Virgili University and the Catalan Institute for Chemical Research to promote scientific vocations among primary and ESO students in Tarragona schools.

The Experimenta Challenge offers schools a program that seeks to bring the scientific method closer to boys and girls, proposing learning based on the concept of learn by doing (learn by doing) that encourages student motivation and generates deeper knowledge.

Ercros has sponsored two learning capsules: What is a reaction?, led by the doctor in chemical engineering, Laureano Jiménez, and What is a solution?, explained by the doctor in chemistry, Anna M. Masdeu. 

At the end of the program, each participating school will select five ESO teams to compete with their experiment at the Experimenta Fair, an event open to the public in which families with children will discover science by participating in the contestants' experiments.