Ercros sponsors the Forat del Vent high school solidarity race in Cerdanyola


This past Friday, the streets of Cerdanyola were filled with athletes: more than 750 young people took part in the seventh edition of the Solidarity Race organized by the Forat del Vent high school and sponsored by Ercros.

The aim of the race is to collect food and basic necessities for the Food Bank and Red Cross in Cerdanyola. On the one hand, each participant in the race, which was to be held in December but was cancelled due to the covid-19, delivered a kilo of food to get his bib; on the other hand, Ercros made a contribution to reach a ton of food collected.

The awarding of prizes to the winners of the different categories were carried out by Carles Cordón, mayor of Cerdanyola; Ramón Jané, director of the Ercros factory in this town; Lourdes Pérez, inspector of education in the Cerdanyola area; and Cristina Cavero, president of the parents association of the Forat del Vent high school.