Ercros workers and their families visit the CRAM facilities


Ercros personnel from the corporation, the Cerdanyola factory and the Tarragona complex, accompanied by their families, have visited the facilities of the Foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals ("CRAM") in Prat de Llobregat. The CRAM is an entity that is dedicated to the rescue of marine fauna, the investigation and conservation of species and the awareness for the protection of the seas and oceans.

Since 2019, Ercros has supplied CRAM with chemical products to disinfect and maintain the facilities where turtles rescued from the sea are recovered. During the visit, the Ercros staff and their families have met some of these turtles; most arrive at the CRAM facilities entangled in fishermen's nets and must spend time in their clinic to have their wounds treated before being returned to the sea.

Visitors have also learned about the situation of other Mediterranean species, such as dolphins and sharks, which are in danger of extinction, and what to do to protect them and guarantee their survival.