European formaldehyde manufacturers sign a voluntary agreement


Ercros has joined a voluntary agreement to reduce the exposure of workers to formaldehyde, anticipating the legislative requirements of the European Union. This agreement is the result of joint work between the trade unions and Formacare, the sectorial group of formaldehyde of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), which represents 34 companies, the main European producers of this material.

It should be noted that Ercros already meets these formaldehyde exposure limits; the importance of this agreement lies in the commitment of all European manufacturers to comply with these limits, whatever the legislation of their country.

This agreement was taken at the General Assembly of Formacare held in Trieste (Italy), which was attended by Jaume Reig, director of the Ercros intermediate chemicals division.

Ercros is part of the Formacare Executive Committee and other working groups, aimed to propose improvements for the industry of formaldehyde and its derivatives.