The factories in Tortosa and Almussafes, awarded for their job security


The Ercros factories in Tortosa and Almussafes have received the Feique 2020 Safety Award, given by the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (Feique), for not having had any accidents among their own personnel throughout 2020.

Regarding the Tortosa factory, this is the second consecutive year that it has received such recognition. Feique gives this award to those production centres in the chemical industry with more than 50 workers that during the year obtain a zero general frequency index, that is, they do not have any accident with or without leave among their own personnel. 2020 was also the second consecutive year that the factories in Flix and Monzón did not have any accidents among their own personnel, although in their case they were not eligible for the Feique award for having less than 50 people on staff.

This good result in terms of safety is due, to a large extent, to the involvement of the people who work in these factories and to the periodic awareness campaigns that are carried out. The Tortosa (Tarragona) and Almussafes (Valencia) factories belong to the intermediate chemicals division of Ercros, while those in Flix (Tarragona) and Monzón (Huesca) are part of the chlorine derivatives division.