Great success of the open day of the Tortosa factory


More than 100 people, including workers and family members, participated last Saturday, November 30, in the open day organized by the Ercros factory in Tortosa. Factory technicians and workers, accompanied by their families, took a guided tour of the facilities where they usually carry out their work.

After an initial greeting from Joan Carles Galiana, head of industrial relations at the factory, and after providing themselves with the corresponding protective equipment, the attendees, guided by factory technicians, visited the outside of the pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol plants, from formaldehyde and sodium formate; and the R&D department of the Ercros intermediate chemical division, located in this factory.

Teresa Conesa, general secretary of Ercros; Javier Fernandez, production manager of the factory, and Teresa Camarasa, R&D manager of the intermediate chemical division, were in charge of explaining the operation of the company to the attendees; emphasizing the strict safety standards and respect for the environment that are applied in the Ercros production centers and in the applications that the products have to improve our lives and that are researched, developed and manufactured in the Tortosa center.