A group of students visits the Sabiñánigo factory

They are enrolled in obtaining the certificate of professionalism in "Warehouse Auxiliary Activities",


A group of 15 students of the professional certificate in "Auxiliary Warehouse Activities", taken at the Informática XXI center and financed by the INEM (Aragonese Employment Institute), have visited the Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo.

Technical personnel from the center have explained to the students, and to the teacher who accompanied them, basic aspects of Ercros and, especially, its logistics and storage activity. Subsequently, the students have been able to visit some of the factory's warehouses, in particular the water treatment products warehouse.

The Ercros center in Sabiñánigo, which is over a century old, is part of the chlorine derivatives division and is the leading European producer of tablets for the treatment of swimming pool water. There, 12 products grouped into four lines are manufactured: chlorine-soda-potash; chloroisocyanurates; chlorates and chlorites; and hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.