High participation in the Joaquín Costa paddle tennis championship

Personal de la fábrica de Vila-seca II ha organizado la 4ª edición del Campeonato de Pádel Joaquim Costa, que se celebró el 23 de octubre en las instalaciones del Mas La Trampa, con un gran éxito de participantes.
Championship participants

Staff from the Vila-seca II factory have organized the 4th edition of the Joaquim Costa Padel Championship, which was held on October 23 at the Mas La Trampa facilities, with a great success of participants.

Players of very different levels competed in the tournament; the winners were the couple formed by Antonio Toldrá and Manuel Tierno.

The paddle tennis meeting is open to all the people who work in the complex and has an absolutely playful and festive spirit; The objective is to have a good time, play sports and have lunch together. Proof of this spirit is the prize for the winners, which consisted of a pineapple-trophy that Antonio and Manel proudly raised.