IES Almussafes students visit the Ercros factory


A group of students from the Institut d'Educació Secundària Almussafes will visit the passat on March 1st at the Ercros factory located in the local mateixa. The students, 15 in total and accompanied by three teachers, will be able to learn first-hand about the production processes of the Valencian factory.

Upon arrival, Ercros personnel will show the corporate presentation of the plant in which a joc on the periodic table on the occasion of the Any International de la mateixa is incorporated as a novelty.

Subsequently, the students are going to pose the EPIS regulations to visit the facilities of the laboratory on which they will show the equipment and materials that the workers of Ercros fan serve daily, there with a brief explanation of the operation of the laboratory of I +D.

The Ercros factory in Almussafes is the world's first paraformaldehyde factory. It exports more than 95% of its production and the products that are manufactured in this center are used as an intermediate element for the synthesis of various chemical products with applications in various industrial sectors such as the furniture, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, and photographic industries, etc.