Leak simulation at the Tortosa facilities


Ercros has organized, this Thursday 28 November and together with Civil Protection, a simulated leak in a methanol tank at the Tortosa factory. The objective of the exercise was to test the company's self-protection plan (PAU); check the notification system and the actions of the company's staff in emergency situations; at the same time as working on the coordination between the different acting bodies, especially between the intervention team (EI) of Ercros and the Fire Department of the Generalitat.

The exercise simulated the partial breakage of the discharge arm of a methanol tank, which caused the subsequent leakage of product and the formation of a toxic cloud.

Once the incident was detected, the company put into practice what is established in its PAU in relation to warnings, intervention, the concentration and counting of personnel at the meeting point and their subsequent confinement. Thus, and following its protocol, Ercros has requested external help by calling the emergency number 112 of Catalonia and the Center for Operational Coordination of Catalonia (Cecat) of Civil Protection of the Generalitat.

The tasks of the Ercros intervention team and the Generalitat Fire Department consisted of delimiting the affected area and hydraulic shielding to mitigate the toxic cloud; and the sealing and closing of the valve to cut off the passage of methanol.

The Generalitat Fire Brigade participated with three units, the self-escalator, a water vehicle from the Tortosa park and a command vehicle; the Ercros factory in Tortosa has mobilized 42 workers; The Mossos d'Esquadra have participated with two patrols, and also the Local Police of Tortosa.