Ma. Carmen Cruzado, "Carmen Zamorano" prize for Equality


The socialist group of Aranjuez has awarded the director of the pharmacy division Ma. Carmen Cruzado, with the XIX "Carmen Zamorano" prize for Equality. The acting vice-president of the Government of Spain, Carmen Calvo, and the head of the Local Platform for the Defense of Public Health, Isabel Vizcaíno, also received the award.

At the award ceremony, the mayor of Aranjuez, Cristina Moreno, praised the profile of Ma. Carmen Cruzado as an example of leadership in the business field and Ercros' commitment to equality.

Ma. Carmen Cruzado, for her part, thanked the award and defended the values of respect, tolerance and equal opportunities as fundamental elements that both she and Ercros apply in their daily activities.