The pharmaceuticals director selected as an example of a working woman

By the City Council of Aranjuez.


Maria Carmen Cruzado, director of Ercros’s pharmaceuticals division, has been selected by the Aranjuez City Council to participate in a testimonial video of local working women, which has been launched today on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

In the video Ms. Cruzado shares her own life experience and offers her personal vision on the role that women may play in our society and encourages young women to work and persevere to achieve their dreams. The video can be viewed at the City Council social media.

Maria Carmen Cruzado is part of the group of professional women who work at Ercros and whom represent the 17% of the staff. And although the goal of equality is still a long way off, the company maintains its efforts to increase the presence of women in its workforce.

Ercros adopts and updates equality policies and plans, ensures non-discrimination based on gender, investigates ways to increase the presence of women in the company, ensures family conciliation and upholds zero tolerance for all forms of aggression against women.