Recognition to Ercros for its relevance to ASOFAP


The Spanish Association of Professionals in the Swimming Pool Sector (Asofap) has granted a certificate of recognition to Ercros for its relevance to the entity since 20 years. L'acte s'ha portat a terme durante la celebració de l'assemblea d'associats. In nom d'Ercros, the recognition Natàlia Torrents, responsible for the company's swimming pool water tract products, will collect.

Ercros is the largest European TCCA manufacturer, which produces at its Sabiñánigo factory, and leads innovation and development in the pool water treatment sector. As a result of his efforts to improve the owners and uses of the products he manufactures, he has patented the TCCA lliures d'àcid boric flavors with a formula of its own production and the TCCA flavors with microencapsulats additives.

Ercros markets its pool water treatment products under the Delsa i Azuli brands. Their products are approved by the Spanish health authorities and the countries of the European Union and Canada. All State Units are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).