Students and teachers from the Pirámide Institute visit Sabiñánigo


Two teachers and two students from the public integrated vocational training centre, Pirámide de Huesca, assigned to the hydrogen systems specialization and maintenance program, have visited the Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo.

A technician from the factory accompanied the visitors throughout the day. To begin with, he explained to them how Ercros works, its factories and, especially, the productive activity that takes place in Sabiñánigo. Afterwards, the group visited the chlorate, chlorine-soda and hydrogen storage plants, where they were able to learn in detail the process of obtaining said product in the chlorine electrolysis process. Likewise, visitors obtained detailed explanations about the uses of hydrogen.

Students and teachers valued the visit very positively because it allowed them to see a practical example of the knowledge covered in the classroom about the process of obtaining, using and exploiting hydrogen.