Students of the University of Zaragoza visit Sabiñánigo


Students of the Chemistry degree and the master degrees in Industrial chemistry and Molecular chemistry and homogeneous catalysis, from the University of Zaragoza, have visited the Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo. The visits have been held on two different days and 85 students and seven teachers have participated in them.

During the visits, technical staff from the factory explained the operation of the company, its different production centers and, in more detail, the production processes of the Sabiñánigo factory. Then, the groups have toured the chlorine-soda, sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide plants, accompanied by Ercros staff expert in the operation of these plants.

This visit, promoted by the Department of organic chemistry of the University of Zaragoza, takes place every year. The assessment of the students is always positive because it is an interesting contact with the chemical sector and a good complement to the theoretical knowledge explained in the classroom.