Students from the Zaragoza University, in the Sabiñánigo factory


Two groups of students of the Degree in Chemistry and Master of Industrial Chemistry of the Zaragoza University have visited the Ercros factory in Sabiñánigo on April 27 and 28. These visits are promoted by the department of inorganic chemistry of said university on an annual basis and this year they have been able to resume after a hiatus due to the pandemic.

95 students, accompanied by seven teachers, have been able to see in person the production processes of this center. The technical staff of the factory has provided the information to the visitors. Then, both groups have toured the chlorine-soda, sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide plants.

The students and teachers have valued the visit in a very positive way, as has happened in previous experiences, and have stressed that the exit to the Ercros factory is an interesting contact with the productive chemical sector, as well as an adequate complement to the theoretical knowledge that is exposed in the classroom.

The Ercros center in Sabiñánigo, with more than a century of life, is integrated into the division of chlorine derivatives and is the first European producer of tablets for the treatment of swimming pool water. There are manufactured 12 products grouped into four lines: chlorine-soda-potash; chloroisocyanurates; chlorates and chlorites; and hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.