Two students mentored by Ercros, in the Cerdanyola Talent Factory


High school students from the Gorgs Institute in Cerdanyola, Carla Hervás and Martina Hervás, mentored by Ercros, have participated in the Cerdanyola Talent Factory program, which recognizes the city's young entrepreneurial talent.

Fernando Burgueño and Ángel Dominguez, director and industrial relations manager of the Cerdanyola factory, respectively, have been in charge of helping them develop their entrepreneurial project: Dogkat, a geolocation system for pets, which also measures the vital constants of animals.

The gala presentation and recognition of the projects was chaired by Carlos Cordón, mayor of Cerdanyola. Fernando Burgueño, accompanied by the students of IES Gorgs, was in charge of defending the Dogkat system, of which he highlighted its usefulness in preventing pets from getting lost and at the same time keeping them under control at all times. Burgueño also praised the effort, dedication and quality of the work done by Carla and Martina.

The young talent mentoring program lasted four months. This is the second time that the Ercros factory in Cerdanyola has participated.