UAB chemical engineering students visit the factory in Cerdanyola


A group of 30 students from the Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering of the degree in Chemical Engineering at the Autonomous University of Barcelona ("UAB") visited the Ercros factory in Cerdanyola on Thursday 26 May.

Ramón Jané, director of the factory, and Blanca Rius, responsible for technical assistance and product development, were in charge of receiving the students and explaining how the centre works.

During the day, the future engineers visited the different equipment and sections of the factory and showed a special interest in the new control room and in the bioescrubber, a biological air treatment plant of the manufacturing process.

The Cerdanyola factory belongs to the intermediate chemicals division of Ercros and produces, tailor-made for customers, more than 250 types of moulding compounds, which are used to make electrical equipment (switches and plugs); toilet lids and seats, and toilet fittings; tableware and trays; caps for the cosmetics and perfumery industries; buttons; billiard balls; etc.