Development of a new nucleating agent ErcrosBio PLA

Monzón, August 2018
Envase porta-alimentos fabricado con el nuevo material ErcrosBio LN300
Food container made of the new ErcrosBio LN300 material

Ercros has developed, within the ErcrosBio family, a new biodegradable nucleating polymer obtained from polylactic acid (PLA) materials. The LN300 grade of this family encourages the crystallinity of polylactic acid (PLA) and has a high nucleation effectiveness.

"ErcrosBio PLA simplifies the production process while maintaining the final performance"

High nucleation capacity

The LN300 grade of ErcrosBio PLA reduces material and energy costs and simplifies the production process while maintaining the final performance of the plastic material obtained.

This new biodegradable nucleating agent has been thermochemically activated and has a higher nucleation effectiveness than the classic agents used with polylactic acid.

It allows injection or thermoforming moulding of PLA articles with high polymer crystallinity and improved thermo-mechanical properties. It uses a moulding temperature of 80°C, lower than previously available nucleating additives, and shorter cycle times.

ErcrosBio PLA is obtained from polylactic acid.

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