New sustainable materials for 3D printing

Ercros has expanded the Etinox 3D and ErcrosBio LM ranges with new formulations of vinyl compounds and biopolymers, respectively, for 3D printing.

Monzón, September 2021
Los productos de la gama Etinox 3D pueden ser flexibles, como en el de la imagen, rígidos o una combinación de ambos.
Products in the Etinox 3D range can be flexible, as shown here, rigid or a combination of both.

The new ErcrosBio LM range includes 11 new biopolymer formulations that improve the technical, mechanical and 3D printing properties of these products.

Ercros has also extended the Etinox 3D range with new formulations of vinyl compounds that are also suitable for 3D printing.

"ErcrosBio LM's new formulations have a low carbon footprint, are biodegradable and compostable"

Biopolymers suitable for domestic 3D printing due to zero off-gassing

ErcrosBio LM is a family of sustainable products produced from renewable materials; it has two types of products: those that improve the aesthetics of the final objects and those that are used to produce objects that require high performance. Both meet the requirements of 3D printing in terms of processing and final performance.

The 11 new formulations of these biopolymers have a low carbon footprint, are biodegradable and compostable, can be incinerable and are chemically and/or mechanically recyclable. They have properties very similar to other large polymers such as PET, polystyrene or ABS, they are suitable for 3D printing even in home printing due to their zero vapour and gas emissions, and their mechanical properties guarantee a high quality end product.

The Etinox 3D range of vinyl compounds is based on versatile materials that have high chemical resistance (containers for bleach and acids) and can be applied in rigid, flexible or a combination of both formats, as they are easily weldable and have a high compatibility with other materials.

They are good value for money, highly durable, in some cases suitable for medical applications, available in various formats and recyclable.

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