Agreements approved by the 2023 shareholders' meeting

Shareholders' meeting

The ordinary shareholders' meeting of Ercros, held in Barcelona, on June 16, 2023, has approved all the resolution proposals included in the agenda:

  1. Approval of the financial statements and directors’ report of the Company and its consolidated Group, which includes, as a separate document, the annual corporate governance report, the corporate management report, and the proposed distribution of individual profit obtained by Ercros, S.A., which includes the distribution of a dividend in the amount of 0.15 euros gross per share, payable on 28 June 2023, all for the year ended 31 December 2022.
  2. Approval of the statement of non-financial information (annual corporate social responsibility report) of the Company and its consolidated Group for the year ended 31 December 2022.
  3. Reduction of the share capital by redemption of treasury shares charged to unrestricted reserves and excluding the right of creditors to object, and subsequent amendment of Article 3. ‘Share capital’ in the Ercros, S.A. articles of association.
  4. Re-election of Ernst & Young, S.L. as the auditor of the Company and its consolidated Group for 2023.
  5. Advisory vote on the annual directors remuneration report for 2022.
  6. Delegation of powers to the managing director and the secretary to the board to interpret, remedy, supplement, execute and develop the resolutions passed by the board, and delegation of powers to execute the resolutions in a public instrument and register them and, where appropriate, to remedy the resolutions.



The meeting was attended by 5,435 shareholders holding 72,299,735 shares, representing 74.845% of the subscribed capital.

17.586% of the capital stock, corresponding to 362 shareholders holding 16,987,837 shares, has been present. Of these, 197 shareholders, representing 4.708% of the capital stock, have cast their vote by delivery or postal correspondence and 128 shareholders, representing 3.078% of the capital stock, have cast their vote electronically.

57.259% of the share capital, corresponding to 5,073 shareholders holding 55,311,898 shares, has been represented.

All votes cast have been valid.

Ercros guarantees that the relevant facts contained on this page correspond exactly to those sent by the Company to the CNMV, and disseminated by it to the market. The facts prior to those included in this section are available on the CNMV website.

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Shareholders' meeting
Shareholders' meeting