Call and agenda of the shareholders' meeting 2022

Shareholders' meeting

The board of directors of Ercros, S.A. (“Ercros” or “the Company”), at its meeting held on 29 April 2022, resolved to call the annual general meeting, which will be held at Mutua General de Seguros, calle Entenza, 325-335, Barcelona, on 9 June 2022 at 12:00 pm, on first call, and, if the quorum required is not reached, on 10 June 2022, at the same time and place, on second call.

The board of directors has also agreed to enable remote attendance at the annual general meeting, allowing shareholders who so wish to attend and participate in the general meeting by remote connection and in real time, in accordance with the articles of association and the annual general meeting rules of procedure. Shareholders are also reminded that if they so wish, they may also exercise their voting and proxy voting rights by remote means of communication prior to the general meeting on the terms set forth in this notice of call and in the rules for online participation and for remote voting and proxy voting, available to shareholders on the corporate website.

Shareholders are notified that, based on the experience of previous years, the meeting will most likely be held on second call, in other words, on Friday 10 June at 12:00 pm.

The Company will continue to monitor the current health situation and, at the time of the meeting, will adopt the hygiene and prevention measures permitted by current regulations, as well as those established in the venue where the meeting is held, to safeguard the general interests and health of individuals, and, if necessary, will update the information contained in this notice of call.

Ercros guarantees that the relevant facts contained on this page correspond exactly to those sent by the Company to the CNMV, and disseminated by it to the market. The facts prior to those included in this section are available on the CNMV website.

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