Ercros Board of Directors approves Antonio Zabalza's reelection as president of Ercros

Shareholders' meeting

Today, 5 June 2020, the board of directors of the Company has unanimously approved the re-election of Antonio Zabalza Martí, as president and CEO of Ercros, after his re-election as executive director by the annual general meeting of shareholders, which took place today.

At the same meeting, the independent director, Lourdes Vega Fernández, and the external directors, Laureano Roldán Aguilar, and Eduardo Sánchez Morrondo, were also re-elected; and Joan Casas Galofré was appointed as proprietary director.

The post-meeting board of directors has also appointed the members who will compose the management and control committees created within it:

  • The audit committee will be chaired by Ms. Vega and will have Carme Moragues Josa, independent director, and Mr. Roldán as members.
  • The appointments and remuneration committee will be chaired by Ms. Moragues and will have Ms. Vega and Mr. Sánchez as members.

On the other hand, the board of directors has agreed to create a new strategy and investment committee within it, which will be chaired by Mr. Zabalza and will have Mr. Casas and Mrs. Moragues as members.

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