Aranjuez reduces its emissions index by 12% in the last five years


The Ercros factory in Aranjuez reduced its emissions rate by 12% – which measures the substances emitted into the air and water and the waste generated – in 2018 compared to the average of the last five years. The center, which currently employs more than 200 people, thus reflects Ercros' commitment to the environment at its facilities.

This factory also presents very positive data in terms of occupational safety, since during 2018 it did not have any accidents involving its own personnel, with or without leave, in its facilities, which is why this center became accredited with the Feique 2018 Security award, which awarded by the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (Feique) to those companies with more than 50 workers that did not suffer any accident at work among their own personnel, with or without sick leave and, therefore, achieved a general accident frequency rate equal to steel.

With regard to the accident rate of the company as a whole, the general frequency rate of own accidents fell by 34% between 2017 and 2018.

In Ercros as a whole, the rate of direct greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 11%, while the rate of total emissions has been reduced by 15.5% in homogeneous terms compared to 2017.

Ercros has voluntarily adhered to the Responsible Care program since 1994, which aims to ensure that chemical companies -in the development of their activity- achieve continuous improvements in relation to the safety and protection of the health of their workers, the protection of people and facilities, the environment, product stewardship, communication and transparency.