CDP recognises Ercros' involvement in the fight against climate change


The Carbon Disclosure Project ("CDP"), an international non-profit organisation that analyses and discloses data on environmental protection, has awarded Ercros an overall "B" rating for its performance in sustainability and its action against climate change, five sections better than in 2022.

The improvement in Ercros' rating ratifies its commitment to decarbonisation, carried out within the framework of the strategic investment plan, 3D Plan.

In the 2023 edition, CDP has rated more than 21,000 listed companies worldwide based on the information that they provide through a questionnaire, structured in 11 categories related to climate change and CO2 emissions. Each category receives a score on an eight-step scale, ranging from "A", the best, to "D-", the worst, which CDP then consolidates into the overall rating.

The "B" score awarded to Ercros places it in the "Management" range, which certifies that the company assesses the impacts of its activity on the climate, undertakes significant actions to reduce CO2 emissions, and transparently reports on its strategy, actions, and results in terms of its carbon footprint.

In this edition, Ercros has obtained, for the first time, two "A" scores in the categories of "Verification of emissions" and "Initiatives adopted for the reduction of emissions and low-carbon products". In both categories, Ercros is several scores above the average score for its sector.

For more information about Ercros' action regarding climate change, click here.