Ercros advances in its commitment to green hydrogen in Aragón

The director of the Sabiñánigo factory, Luis Gállego, at the signing of Ercros' commitment to the GetHyGA initiative.
The director of the factory in Sabiñánigo, Luis Gállego, at the ceremony to sign the commitment to the GetHyGA initiative

Ercros, through its factory in Sabiñánigo, adds new actions to promote the use of green hydrogen as an energy source, which is one of the pillars of the decarbonization strategy and the fight against climate change undertaken by the company within the framework of the 3D strategic plan.

Recently, Ercros has committed to the GetHyGA initiative, an action plan promoted by the Government of Aragon, through the Foundation for the development of new hydrogen technologies in Aragon (“Hydrogen Foundation”), which seeks to create an industrial ecosystem in this community around the production, transport, storage and consumption of hydrogen as an energy source. The initiative includes 78 projects, which plan to mobilize more than 2.3 billion euros in the region.

One of these projects is led by Ercros and is included in the 3D Plan. If approved, the Ercros project will consist of the construction of a semi-industrial plant at the Sabiñánigo factory for the generation of green hydrogen from water electrolysis (separation of oxygen and hydrogen). This investment would allow additional hydrogen to be currently available, generated from renewable sources.

The 3D Plan also includes an investment in Sabiñánigo to take advantage of 100% of the hydrogen obtained in the sodium chlorate and chlorine-soda/potash electrolysis plants. Currently, this hydrogen is already used as a raw material in the production of hydrogen peroxide, hydrochloric acid and ammonia. The new facility will make it possible to take advantage of the surplus hydrogen when appropriate.

Ercros is part of the Board of Trustees of the Aragón Hydrogen Foundation and the South Catalonia Hydrogen Platform.