Ercros participates in a conference on the Environmental Responsibility Law


Ercros participated on March 28 in Barcelona in a conference organized by Baker McKenzie, Alenta and Marsh & McLennan on the application of the Environmental Responsibility Law (Law 26/2007) in areas such as administration, insurance companies, consultants and operators. The head of Ercros' corporate environment and quality department, Sandra Reverté, explained her experience in carrying out environmental risk analyzes and presenting the responsible declaration, among other things.

The law and its regulatory deployment oblige the affected activities to prepare an environmental risk analysis that serves as a starting point for deciding whether or not operators must have a mandatory financial guarantee and the amount thereof. These analyzes establish a series of risk scenarios that are classified using an environmental damage index.

The risk scenario that groups 95% of the accumulated risk (according to the legislation that establishes which scenario is considered with sufficient probability and damage to be representative) is monetized and serves to establish the amount of the mandatory financial guarantee that must be the operator. Those work centers for which this guarantee is between €300,000 and €2M and have a management system based on ISO 14001 or EMAS, are exempt from contracting it.

Ercros has seven priority 1 production centers (higher risk or declared Seveso); a priority 2 landfill (medium risk); and three priority 3 centers (lower risk). All the company's centers have carried out an environmental risk analysis and are exempt from establishing a financial guarantee in order to obtain ISO 14001; even so, Ercros has environmental liability insurance that would cover any potential incident.