Ercros reduces CO2 emissions in the transport of its products

Ercros' commitment to the fight against climate change and in favour of the circular economy is reflected in logistics management. In 2022, the actions carried out have saved more than 2 million kilometres travelled and, therefore, the emission of 1,630 tons of CO2.

Ercros has transported 4,000 tons of PVC between the Vila-seca II and Monzón factories using a mega-truck, which can transport 38 tons of product compared to 25 for a normal truck. This mega-truck has enabled a 15% reduction in diesel consumption in this service and the corresponding CO2 emissions. In 2023, Ercros has begun to use a duo-trailer truck for this same service, which can transport 44 tons of goods, which will mean a 20% saving in CO2 emissions.

On the other hand, the objective of self-supply of liquid caustic soda at the Sabiñánigo factory has been met, which has prevented the transport of more than 50,000 tons of this product from Vila-seca I, which would have involved 2,100 truck trips.

In order to promote the circularity of packaging, Ercros has launched a system for reconditioning pallets in poor condition that has allowed the recovery of 160 tons of wood. In addition, a third of the pallets purchased were recycled.

Also in this line, the actions carried out by Ercros together with its suppliers have allowed 55% of the plastic containers used by Ercros to incorporate recycled material. This improvement is coupled with the reduction in the thickness of the plastic containers used by the company. These actions have in no case meant a reduction in the quality and safety of the packaging.