Monzón shares its experience in the management of microplastics


The Ercros factory in Monzón has organized a conference to share their experience in the sustainable management of microplastics with other companies in the area. The conference was developed under the slogan "Take action: join the commitment to zero pellet losses".

Ercros is a pioneer in its commitment to the Operation Clean Sweep ("OCS") program, a global industry initiative to prevent the loss of plastic particles, whether in the form of granules, dust or flakes, during production, handling, transport, transformation and recycling. These highly volatile particles can end up in the environment, especially in rivers and the sea, if they are not managed correctly.

Rafael Mancho, head of PVC compounds and specialties at Ercros, has acted as host of the day, together with representatives of the neighbouring company Polidux. Together they have explained to the attendees the problem that microplastics pose for the environment, the new legislation, the OCS program and the European certification.

They have also shared examples of good practices for control and cleaning of the pellets that are carried out in both factories and that prevent these microplastics from reaching the aquatic environment.