More than a third of the water consumed by the CIT is reused water


2% of the water used in the Ercros Tarragona industrial complex (“CIT”) is reused water from the reclaimed water plant managed by Aitasa. In this plant, the water from the Vila- seca and Tarragona treatment plants is treated in order to be consumed again in the industrial processes of the companies in the Tarragona petrochemical estate.

Ercros is making a significant effort to reduce and optimize the use of natural resources, including water resources. In the case of the CIT, in the last five years, it has reused more than 3.6 hm3* of water, which has implied not having to collect that amount from primary sources, in this case from the Ebre river, and making that resource available to the population, which acquires special relevance in the current situation of drought.

The CIT is made up of the Vila-seca I, Vila-seca II and Tarragona factories, has a workforce of more than 330 people and its main activity is the production of chlorine, caustic soda and its derivatives: sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and PVC.