The operational improvements have resulted in a saving of 1,647 t of CO2


Ercros succeeded to save, in 2018, 1,647 tons of CO2 thanks to the logistical and operational improvements carried out that reduced the distance travelled in the transport of caustic soda by 2.36 million kilometres.

On the one hand, Ercros has increased its storage capacity with tanks in the Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Ferrol, Seville and Genova port terminals, in order to bring the caustic soda closer to customers. On the other hand, has adapted the electrolysis plant of the factory in Sabiñánigo (Huesca) so that it can indistinctly manufacture both potash and caustic soda, and, thus, self-supply of caustic soda, avoiding its delivery from the Vila-seca I factory (Tarragona).

Additionally, the availability of different caustic soda storage tanks placed in different locations also makes it easier for Ercros to respond more quickly to urgent orders from customers, which results in a better service to them.

For year 2019, Ercros' intention is to continue in this way, incorporating logistical improvements in other products such as liquid potash.