Microencapsulation, new technology for swimming pool water

Sabiñánigo, September 2015
Tratamiento de cloro antimosquitos
Microencapsulated additives in the TCCA tablet keep insects away from the pool water.

Ercros, together with the University of Zaragoza, has patented an encapsulation technology based on microtechnology that allows additives (insect repellent, aromas, colours, ...) to be incorporated into TCCA tablets for the treatment of swimming pool water.

"The patented technology makes it possible to stabilise elements that, when mixed directly,
would be incompatible with each other"

Chemical separation of incompatible elements

The patented technology manages to stabilise, in this tablet, elements that, mixed directly, would be incompatible with each other: chlorine and certain additives. 

The microcapsule performs the function of chemical separation between two incompatible elements in a tablet, which extends its storage time without decomposition, but does not prevent the release of the encapsulated product into the water. 

Thus, both dissolve at the same rate in contact with water and remain stable during storage.

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