Safer pool water treatment tablets

Sabiñánigo, July 2013
Our products guarantee the safety of bathers
Ercros ATCC tablets improve the safety of pool users

In a bid to improve the performance and uses of swimming pool water treatment products, Ercros has developed boric acid-free ATCC tablets, with an in-house production formula that was patented in 2012.

"The new tablets improve user safety and anticipate the regulatory change published in 2021"

Boric acid is usually used as a lubricant for the compaction of chlorine tablets, but the European Agency for Chemical Substances and Preparations considers it a candidate to integrate the list of substances of great concern, according to the classification of the Reach regulation.

The new Ercros tablets improve user safety since, instead of boric acid, they use an inert substance of mineral origin as a lubricant.

This initiative was awarded a special mention for sustainability at the International Pool Show, held in Barcelona.

Ercros has also developed multifunction bilayer tablets. These tablets have a thin, fast-dissolving blue layer -suitable for shock chlorination of pool water- and a thick, slow-dissolving white layer -for pool water maintenance-, both with disinfectant action.

Ercros markets ATCC tablets under the Delsa and Azuli brands

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