We present a new and more sustainable TCCA packaging


Ercros will present at the Piscina & Wellness Fair, which will be held in Barcelona from 27 to 30 November, its new and most sustainable packaging for TCCA tablets for the swimming pool water treatment. The new packaging, which has the UN approval, is made from responsibly sourced cardboard, is 100% recyclable and the material of its inner bag is recycled plastic.

The new Ercros packaging has been selected as a finalist for the "Innovative Product in Sustainability Award" at the Piscina & Wellness 2023 Fair.

This year, Ercros, Europe's leading producer of TCCA, celebrates its 50th anniversary as a manufacturer of products for disinfecting swimming pool water. Ercros started manufacturing TCCA in 1973 and has been improving the performance of the product thanks to the innovations introduced in its formulations. Bilayer tablets, acid boric-free, 100% mercury-free or with microencapsulation technology have been some of the main milestones achieved over the years by the R+D department.

TCCA is a product derived from chlorine (chloroisocyanurate) that is mainly used for the disinfection, treatment, and maintenance of swimming pool water, although it is also used for the detergents, bleaches and cleaning products formulation, and the water treatment from open cooling towers.

Ercros produces TCCA in its factory in Sabiñánigo and, in this process, uses chlorine and caustic soda as basic raw materials, manufactured in the same centre. The company markets this product, under Delsa and Azuli brands, to specialized stores in different presentations, granules, powders, blocks, tablets, and pills. Ercros also sells it to industrial distributors in big-bags or drums.