To be charged to the financial year 2023

The big figures on dividend payments

0.07 €

Dividend per share




Dividend vs total shareholder remuneration

6.4 M€

Planned disbursed

Ercros allocates 31 million to dividend payment

Since Ercros launched its shareholder remuneration policy in 2016, it has paid out €31 million in dividends. 

The current shareholder remuneration policy provides for a dividend of at least 22% of the 2023 profit and 24% of the 2024 profit.

Evolution of dividend payment

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In 2020, due to the negative impact of Covid-19 on Ercros' business, one of the conditions set out in the shareholder remuneration policy was not met, which is why it was not possible to distribute a dividend or buy back treasury shares to be amortised against the profit for the year.

The profitability of investing in Ercros

Find out how dividend payments are evolving and calculate the return on your investment.