Purchase of shares

The purchase of own shares for redemption, the main form of shareholder retribution

Charged to the financial year 2022

Key figures for the purchase of own shares

5 M

Shares purchased

19 M€


3.64 €

Average share price



At Ercros we look after the interest of the investor

Ercros has reduced its share capital by 20%

Ercros has been buying back its own shares to withdraw them from the market through capital reductions, as a way of remunerating its shareholders. Since 2016, the company has redeemed 22.7 million treasury shares, which represents 20% of the initial share capital.

According to Ercros' shareholder remuneration policy, the purchase of shares for redemption is the preferred means of shareholder remuneration in the company and is channelled through successive programmes.

The board of directors of 02/23/2024 has proposed allocating 2.3 million euros of the 2023 profit (a payout of 9%) to the repurchase of shares.

Barcelona Stock Exchange
Ercros is listed on the Spanish stock exchange's continuous market

Annual evolution of the purchase of shares

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In 2020, due to the negative impact of Covid-19 on Ercros' business, one of the conditions set out in the shareholder remuneration policy was not met, which is why it was not possible to distribute a dividend or buy back treasury shares to be amortised against the profit for the year.