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Polyvinyl chloride (S-PVC)

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PVC sheet (in Spanish)

What is it used for?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the product resulting from the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

Ercros manufactures its PVC resin with suspension technology, having the entire production chain in its integrated industrial scheme: chlorine, EDC, VCM and from here to the PVC resin that is marketed under the Etinox brand.

PVC is the most versatile plastic polymer: it allows its transformation through a wide range of industrial processes (extrusion, calendering, injection, injection-blowing...) which, together with its excellent properties, favors its selection as a base material in final products from disparate sectors, like construction, automotive, consumer, health products... 

The main applications, both rigid and flexible, are the following: 

  • Pipes and accessories for water channeling.
  • Profiles for windows, doors, blinds and furniture.
  • Sheets for waterproofing roofs and swimming pools.
  • Cables and electrical material.
  • Floors and wall coverings.
  • Flexible hoses.
  • Medical and hospital material: blood bags, medical tubes.
  • Food films and pharmaceutical packaging.
PVC window
PVC windows and doors can save up to 30 % of energy

Etinox S-PVC product range

For more information on the different varieties of the Etinox PVC family, click on the product you are interested in.

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Did you know that...

PVC was discovered accidentally by Henri V. Regnault in 1835, when the polymer appeared in VCM bottles after exposure to sunlight.

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Bernat Iserte Gigliotti
Bernat Iserte Gigliotti
Plastics Sales Director


Ercros certifies the quality, safety and environmental respect of the manufacture of this product, and is adhered to voluntary agreements that endorse its commitment to CSR and customer service.

ISO 9001

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The commitment to avoid the loss of pellets.

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