Circular economy

We apply circularity criteria in the management of the resources used in our industrial processes and the waste they generate

Wastewater treatment plant in the Aranjuez factory la fábrica de Aranjuez

Fewer resources consumed...

At Ercros we use the resources required by our processes in a sustainable manner and we report transparently on the evolution of consumption and the generation and recovery of waste.

Our commitment is to reduce water and energy consumption as much as possible. To achieve this, we modernise and optimise our facilities; we implement the most efficient technology; we reuse water from wastewater treatment plants whenever possible; and we have closed-circuit cooling systems and reuse resources, among other measures.

Circularity is essential for nature's balance

... Less waste generated

Our priority is to reduce the generation of waste as much as possible and, with the waste that is finally produced, we apply criteria of reduction, reuse and recycling. Whenever possible, we manage waste in our own treatment plants for reuse in our industrial processes. If, due to the type of waste, it is not possible to manage it internally, we send it to specialised companies for the corresponding treatment.

Ercros product stewardship graph
We protect the products throughout their life cycle

Evolution of the waste generated by our industrial activity

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Circular economy in the 3D Plan

Within the decarbonisation pillar, the 3D Plan includes several actions aimed at improving the circularity of the energy and raw materials we use and the products we manufacture.

Polvos de moldeo
In Cerdanyola

Action to reuse moulding powder rejection material.

Tanques de materias primas de la fábrica de Aranjuez
In Aranjuez

New solvent recovery plant for reuse in the centre itself and maximisation of the use of residual energy from the heat flows of the production processes.

Cargando un palé en el almacén de la fábrica de Tortosa
In logistics

We reuse packaging and pallets, and use recycled packaging and/or packaging made from recycled materials.

Voluntary agreements

We undertake external commitments to implement specific best practices on waste management.

Programa para el desarrollo sostenible del sector de los vinilos

Vinyl plus

Commitment of the European PVC industry to implement good practices.
Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep

EU programme to prevent microplastics from ending up in the aquatic environment.
Plataforma Hidrógeno Verde Cataluña Sur

Green Hydrogen Platform Southern Catalonia

Lobby to implement the production and use of green hydrogen.
Logo Envalora


System to facilitate legislation on packaging in the chemical and plastics sector, among others.