Sustainable supply

We apply best practices for supply chain sustainability

We ensure that our value chain is as sustainable as we are

The social responsibility and sustainable management of our raw material suppliers, transporters and customers is an essential part of the stewardship of the products we use, manufacture and sell.

We have standards that determine our supply chain performance and we have launched the Refinitiv World-Check programme which, among other things, allows us to analyse risks related to financial crime or corruption of suppliers and customers.

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Ercros' quality index is close to 100% satisfactory deliveries

A responsible chain

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From purchases...

Suppliers of our goods and services must pass an initial approval and ongoing assessment process to ensure that the supplies they provide us with are managed in a socially responsible manner.



In the contracts signed we establish the conditions and requirements of the service, and demand the inclusion of social responsibility clauses and the adoption of good ethical and environmental practices.

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... Through distribution and transport...

We promote a distribution of supplies that meets the maximum safety standards and minimises environmental risk. To this end, we are committed to training people; we evaluate companies before they are contracted; we hold regular coordination meetings with them; we check transport vehicles before they are loaded; we apply a selection process for containers and packaging; we adhere to voluntary mutual aid agreements in the event of accidents in transport and distribution; and we prioritise the transport of goods by sea and rail, as they are more sustainable than road and air transport.



For pharmaceutical products, we require compliance with the good practices described in the Good Distribution Procedures (GDP) programme to ensure that the quality and integrity of medicines is maintained throughout the supply chain.

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... To customers

Almost all of Ercros' production is sold as intermediates for other companies' industrial processes; only a small proportion of the products we sell goes directly to the end consumer.



The sustainability management system we apply includes the commitments we make to our customers regarding quality, service and product stewardship. In addition, we sign voluntary sector or product agreements to ensure legal compliance and responsible use of the products we sell.