Sodium hypochlorite sheet (in Spanish)

What is it used for?

When diluted with water, sodium hypochlorite is popularly known as "bleach".

It is commonly used in the domestic and sanitary domains for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, but its main applications are in the water treatment sector and in industry:

  • For making drinking water drinkable and treating waste and leisure water.
  • For bleaching textile fibres and paper pulp.
  • For the manufacture of products for agriculture, graphic arts, pharmaceuticals and metallurgy.
  • In industrial and professional cleaning.
Girl drinking water
Sodium hypochlorite is the safest way to make water drinkable.

Did you know that...

Due to its biocidal action, sodium hypochlorite is the most economical and effective solution for making water drinkable, from the catchment to the tap.

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José Antonio Riquelme Vicente
José Antonio Riquelme Vicente
Sales Manager for the Catalonia and Levante markets.


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