Europe's leading producer of treatment tablets for swimming pools

A traditional centre in Spain's industrial fabric

After 100 years in operation, the Sabiñánigo factory in Huesca structures its activity around 12 products grouped into four lines: chlorine-soda-potash; chloroisocyanurates; chlorates and chlorites; and hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

The factory's combined production capacity exceeds 260,000 tonnes per year.

Chlorine, soda and potash are obtained using membrane cell technology, the most advanced and sustainable process. A wide range of derivatives are obtained from these products.

The Sabiñánigo factory is the leading European producer and fourth in the world of TCCA, a chloroisocyanurate used for the treatment of swimming pool water; and the leading Spanish producer of sodium chlorate, used to bleach paper pulp, and of sodium chlorite, used to make drinking water fit for human consumption.

This plant is part of the chlorine derivatives division and has a basic chemistry R&D centre. It employs more than 210 people.

The Sabiñánigo factory framed by the Pyrenees
The Sabiñánigo factory framed by the Pyrenees
Access to the Sabiñánigo factory
Access to the Sabiñánigo factory
TCCA plant
TCCA plant

In figures

The key figures of the Sabiñánigo factory



260,300 t

Annual production capacity




Construction of the factory

A bit of history


Construction of the Sabiñánigo factory begins under the auspices of Energía e Industrias Aragonesas S.A. (Eiasa).


Launch of the electrolysis plant for the manufacture of chlorates.


Start of ammonia production by nitrogen and hydrogen synthesis to harness the energy obtained in the hydroelectric power plants.

Sabiñanigo en 1942

Compañía Aragonesa de Industrias Químicas, S.A. (Caiqsa) is created as a subsidiary of Eiasa to produce ammonium bicarbonate from the parent company's products.


Launch of the caustic chloro-potash plant. The plant also produces potassium carbonate, synthetic urea and PVC.

La planta de cloro potasa de Caiqsa se integra en Eiasa. Durante los años siguientes, se amplían las plantas de clorato y clorito sódico, carbonato potásico, amoníaco y clorato potásico.

Caiqsa's chlorine-potash plant is integrated into Eiasa. In the following years, the rest of the plants are expanded.

Construcción de la planta de cloro-potasa de la fábrica de Sabiñánigo

Clousure of Caiqsa's chlorine plant and launch of a new chlorine-potash plant.

Planta de cogeneración de la fábrica de Sabiñánigo

A combined heat and power plant is installed. By the end of the decade, the factory includes hydrogen peroxide in its portfolio.

Planta de ATCC de la fábrica de Sabiñánigo

Delsa, a subsidiary of the Aragonesas Group, starts operating in Sabiñánigo with the manufacture of chloroisocyanurates for the treatment of swimming pool water.

Firma de la compra de Aragonesas en 2005

The acquisition of the Aragonesas Group by Ercros integrates the Sabiñánigo factory into the chlorine derivatives division.


The chlorine-potash electrolysis plant completes its migration from mercury to membrane technology, the most advanced process.


The factory celebrates its 100th anniversary. 

The capacity of the chlorine-potash plant is expanded and adapted so that it can produce either caustic soda or caustic potash. Soda production begins and potash production ceases temporarily.

ATCC plant towers at the Sabiñánigo factory

TCCA production capacity is expanded.

Centenary of the Sabiñánigo factory

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Sabiñánigo factory, Ercros published a commemorative book (in Spanish).

Certificates of the Sabiñánigo factory

The distinctive marks that endorse this factory's commitment to sustainability.

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