Europe's second largest producer of moulding compounds

Nearly 90% of the Cerdanyola factory's production is exported

The factory in Cerdanyola (Barcelona) produces more than 250 types of thermosetting moulding powders, with a palette of some 2,000 colours.

The moulding powders are used to manufacture electrical material (switches and sockets); toilet lids and seats, and washbasin accessories; tableware and trays; caps for the cosmetics and perfumery industry; buttons; billiard balls; etc.

This factory carries out its activity using its own technology, applied both to the production processes and to the development of new applications, which allows for a high level of versatility in the final product. 88% of production is exported to more than 60 countries around the world, making it the second largest European producer of these compounds.

The factory has a workforce of around 100 people. It is part of the intermediate chemicals division of Ercros and has been operational since 1963.

Aerial view of the Cerdanyola factory
Aerial view of the factory
Truck leaving the Cerdanyola factory
Truck leaving the Cerdanyola factory
General view of the Cerdanyola factory
General view of the Cerdanyola factory
Polvos de moldeo
Financial year 2022

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Moulding compounds


Customised colours

A bit of history

vista del secadero de polvos de moldeo

Sociedad Anónima Industrial de Cauchos y Resinas (Aicar) starts production of moulding compounds.

Instalaciones de Aicar en Cerdanyola

Aicar moves the production of moulding compounds to the new factory in Cerdanyola, which focuses on this product manufactured with its own technology.

Logo Grupo Derivados Forestales

Aicar is now a part of Derivados Forestales, S.A.

Quality control of the moulding powder plant

Production capacity is expanded.

Camión derivados forestales

The holding company Derivados Forestales Group XXI, S.L. is created, which includes Cerdanyola together with the Almussafes and Tortosa factories.

Firma de la compra de Derivados Forestales 2007

As a result of the acquisition of Derivados Forestales by Ercros, the Cerdanyola factory is integrated into the intermediate chemicals division.

Bioscrubber de la fábrica de Cerdanyola

The plant improves its environmental performance with the implementation of a bioscrubber for the treatment of gaseous emissions.

Polvos de moldeo

Launch of a new type of HD quality moulding compound, which improves product processing performance.

Calle principal de la fábrica de Cerdanyola

Production capacity of moulding compounds is increased by 14%, to 25,000 t/year. One year later, capacity is increased by a further 500 t.

Certificates of the Cerdanyola factory

The distinctive marks that endorse this factory's commitment to sustainability.

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C/ Santa Anna, 105
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)
Phone: +34 935 803 353
Email: cerdanyola@ercros.es