The world's third largest pentaerythritol production facility

Exports of 88% of the polyols production

The plant in Tortosa (Tarragona) is one of the world's leading producers of polyols (pentaerythritol, dipentarerythritol and sodium formate). This centre supplies practically all consumers of polyols in the Spanish market and exports the rest of its production, 88%, to more than 50 countries.

Polyols are mainly used to manufacture synthetic resins and lubricants; paints; PVC stabilisers; and printing inks. These products use formaldehyde as a raw material, which is produced in the same factory. In Tortosa there are three formaldehyde plants, two pentaerythritol plants and one dipentaerythritol plant. Their overall production capacity is 310,000 t/year.

The R&D department of the intermediate chemicals division, to which the plant is integrated, is located in this centre. This department has developed the ErcrosGreen+ and ErcrosTech ranges, which are resins with advanced environmental and technological properties.

The workforce at the Tortosa plant is over 110 people.

Aerial view of the Tortosa factory
The factory with the Els Ports de Beseit massif in the background
Polyol plants of the Tortosa factory
General view of the formaldehyde plants
Polialco plant in Tortosa
Tortosa polyols plant

In figures

The key figures of the Tortosa factory



310,000 t

Annual production capacity




World producer of pentaerythriol

A bit of history

Saco de pentaeritritol de Polialco

Under the ownership of S.A. Polialco, the Tortosa factory starts its activity manufacturing pentaerythritol and sodium formate using its own patented process.

General view of the Tortosa factory

Polialco is integrated into Derivados Forestales and starts producing formaldehyde, the main raw material for pentaerythritol and sodium formate.

Saco de dipentaeritritol de Ercros

Dipentaerythritol production begins using internally developed technology, including process control and instrumentation.

People in a meeting room

Creation of the holding Derivados Forestales Group XXI, S.L., which includes the Tortosa together with the Almussafes and Cerdanyola factories.

Firma de la compra de Derivados Forestales 2007

On the occasion of the acquisition of Derivados Forestales by Ercros, the Tortosa factory is integrated into the intermediate chemicals division.

Plantas de polioles de la fábrica de Tortosa

Expansion of the production capacity of polyol plants.

Certificates of the Tortosa factory

The distinctive marks that endorse this factory's commitment to sustainability.

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